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The wheat baguette

The wheat baguette as shown here is a classic and very popular. Due to its well-rounded taste, it is a great companion to almost everything. Due to its rustic cracked crust, fine toasted notes pull through the pastry and emphasize caramel-like notes. The bread has a loose pore pattern on the inside.


Attention all descriptions are based on the basic backmixture and may vary depending on the topping selection  

pleasure tip

Then as now, a popular combination is a slice of baguette with melted raclette cheese, which comes freshly scraped off the block. Additional toppings such as bacon, onions or diced peppers can round off the taste experience.

As a further consumption recommendation for raclette, I recommend a slice of baguette soaked with a little Pinot Blanc and to round off the baguette with a spicy raclette cheese gratin in the grill.

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