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Mehlkasten Frank Wirtz

My story

Hi, I'm Frank Wirtz. Here I would like to introduce myself - the person behind the flour box and who mixes your baking mixes.

I am a trained baker and have been a master baker since 2014. In addition, I completed a one-year training course to become a certified bread sommelier in 2021/22. If you're wondering what a bread sommelier does, you canhereread.

In short: a master baker can bake bread, and a bread sommelier can understand it too.

Baking has been my passion for years and I want to bring it closer to you here. The idea for "Flour Box" came to me 2 years ago when I was baking different types of bread and had to throw away many of the ingredients after a while because I only needed them in much smaller quantities than I could buy. This is how the basic idea was born to sell individual bread baking mixes that you can put together according to your own wishes and that only contain exactly the ingredients that you need for the bread. During my first research, I noticed that the baking mixes available so far always work with dried yeast and/or dry sour. For me as a master baker, this leads to a bread that is less flavorful and loses freshness much faster than bread that is baked with fresh sourdough and yeast - I wanted to change that with flour box too.

Since November 2022 I've been at the weekly market with a small stand every SaturdayWaldkirchand put together a wide variety of baking mixes on customer request. If you are in the area, I would be happy if you came to visit me. There are also many tips on site. You can also save a lot of money if you bring your own reusable boxes.

If you have any questions about me, the ingredients, the sourdough, the baking process or anything else, I'm happy if you write to me via Instagram, Facebook, email or the contact form - I'll answer within a dough rest.

Mealy greetings

Your Frank

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