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Why sourdough?

Sourdough gives the bread a special taste through the fermentation time, the sour develops different flavors that then get into your bread. In addition, the sourdough contributes to a longer shelf life.


It is baked with fresh yeast, but if you bring some time with you, you can leave out the yeast completely and only work with sourdough, since wild yeast is also produced here during breeding.



Where does the flour come from?

The flour is sourced from a regional mill in Bahlingen am Kaiserstuhl and used for my baking mixes. If you want to know more about it, you canhereread.


Why is time important?


The more time you can bring with you, the better it is. While the dough is resting, enzymes break down sugars (carbohydrates) in the dough and make it easier to digest. It also has a positive effect on keeping the dough fresh. Furthermore, as described in the point "yeast", you could also leave out the yeast completely  wild yeasts form through the use of sourdough. You should only note that the dough is often stretched and folded during the resting phase. 

Image by Kenny Eliason

adhesive scaffold

What is a glue scaffold?


During the dough production, the dough forms a sticky structure so that it is stable during baking and the bread does not collapse. In a food processor, this is usually not a problem due to the power of kneading. Kneading by hand makes it a little more difficult, but no problem here, natural enzymes will help you. The day after making it by hand, let it rest for 15 - 20 minutes and fold / stretch it again. You repeat this 3-4 times and in the end you have arrived at your destination.

Stretch & Fold 

Schritt 1


Schritt 2


Schritt 3


Schritt 4


Schritt 5

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